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Apparel Merchandise Premium PowerPoint Template

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An Apparel Merchandising PPT


Let this slide in your free fashion PowerPoint templates introduce the points you re going to cover

  • Introduce company and service
  • Present alternatives to improve industry status quo
  • Provide updates about industry status quo
  • Meet the team of innovators and game changers


Committed to serve our clients and society in general and to improve the industry with innovations breakthroughs and general awareness.

Rendezvous Clothing Apparel is one of the most celebrated start up business in the fashion industry. With lessons learned from the best names in the field we make sure we only provide the best service to clients.


Discuss business opportunities in your apparel merchandising ppt to give potential clients a guarantee of your business s tenacity.

Studies have shown that there is a growing demand for the apparel industry. As long as the industrial trends remain positive the future of fashion will be geared towards a path where businesses can thrive and succeed.

The Problem

Discuss in your fashion presentation templates the different problems you aim to solve GM Department Store needed more clothing pieces for women s apparel to help address the issues they were facing

Our Solution

The Solution slide for your apparel merchandising ppt should ideally follow your Problem slide. Make sure your proposed solutions are feasible and effective.

We offered them the top fashion trends and the best choices of apparel to help solve their problems.

The Results

Your potential clients would want to know how effective your proposed solutions are. That’s why it’s important to include real time results in your fashion presentation templates.

As a result of the solutions we offered the company saw an improvement in their business processes and functions

75 Increase in Efficiency

60 Customer Satisfaction Increase in Revenue

52 Decrease in Bounce Rate

53 Improvement in Employee

20 Performance Increase in Customer Retention


If there’s a part in your fashion design presentation ideas that is best explained visually don’t hesitate to use visual aids like diagrams charts and infographics among others.

Case Study

A real life story of you solving the problem of a client is a testament of your services. Regale your audience with a case study slide in your fashion show presentation ppt.


Davidson’s Dakota needed a bulk of apparel supplies for their infant section to address the issues they were facing.


We offered them the best choice of baby apparel to help solve their problems.


As a result of the solutions we offered the company saw an improvement in their business processes and functions

Our Team

Your team of experts is a major reason you re doing well in the industry Introduce them and give them due recognition at the same time in this part of your fashion PowerPoint templates.

Chief Executive Officer John Doe

Chief Financial Officer Joe Dohn

Chief Information Officer Jane Deer

Chief Operating Officer Janet Dooey


Outlining and enumerating your achievements will substantiate and solidify the name of your industry company. That part of your fashion presentation PowerPoint can have four to six points.

2017  Company was founded

2018 Company received funding from major investors

2019 Company started on long term projects because of funding

2020 Company saw and implemented improvements to own processes

2021 Company performed well enough to make the industry industry notice

Icon Set

Here are some examples of icons that you can use in your fashion presentation PowerPoint templates.

  • Women’s Fashion
  • Wear Men’s Wear
  • Teen’s Apparel
  • Children’s Clothing Ages 7-14

Our Reach

Here are some examples of icons that you can use in your fashion presentation PowerPoint templates.

  • North Dakota
  • Montana
  • Minnesota
  • Wyoming
  • Idaho


As with life you can also take a break in your presentation. For either suspense or as an ender divider slides are welcome in an apparel PowerPoint templates. You deserve a break.

SWOT Analysis

Analyzing your key strengths and biggest weaknesses lays a foundation for how you can address both Include a SWOT analysis slide in your apparel presentation

S Key people and surprising innovations

O Growing market drawn by technological advances

T No clear examples or previous studies data for said innovations

W Emerging industry trends and other innovations from competitors

Pricing Tiers

You may state your pricing range in this transportation logistics ppt. Since the shipping terms vary with each parcel you may input a link or invite your audience to visit your website to get a free quote.

Men’s Wear 100 568

Teen’s Wear 70 325

Women’s Fashion Wear 100 568

Our Product

Showcase your best products and latest clothing stocks in these fashion presentation templates.

Why Us

This is your time to magnify your company’s strengths and edge among other competitors. Make sure you’d have the best company statement in this fashion show presentation ppt.

Rendezvous Clothing Apparel is one of the most prestigious clothing line in the fashion industry. Having an insatiable market competitiveness our start up business mounted its way to the top in the first quarter of the year. We’ve also catered to some of the most stunning stars in Hollywood like Emma Stoned, Andrew Haze, Harvey Lecter, and Gerald Butcher.

Contact Us

Before you end your fashion presentation PowerPoint templates give your audience a way to contact you. Prove your email address and phone number or if traditional your physical address for snail mails inquiries restaurateur@com. For more inquiries you can reach us at: ####-######

Thank You

Always thank the audience for lending you their time. This part should be found in the last slide of your fashion presentation.

Thank you so much for listening. Check out our website at www.rendezvous.com for new stocks.

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