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Business Real Estate Premium PowerPoint Template

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Trumping Other Real Estate Companies in the Region

A Real Estate PowerPoint Presentation for Businesses


Understand what differentiates us from other realtor companies. Here are some examples:

Have an in depth look into the real estate industry

Learn exactly what we can do for you

Meet the awesome team behind our accomplishments

A cohesive real estate presentation typically has three to six agenda topics

Who We Are

It’s important to state outright what your company is about Your About Us page should be found within the first five slides of your real estate company profile presentation Founded by the real estate mogul Ricky Raakstar in 1999 the Raakstar Real Estate Corporation RREC has grown to encompass more than 70 000 agents in Europe Southeast Asia and the United States RREC is a real estate powerhouse and we have the track record to prove it We cater mainly to clients with a high net worth but we are also committed to maintaining a diverse portfolio so that we can entertain all types of customers with unique needs We can provide you with the right tools and services to help you sell your property or find a home


You can include four to six milestones in your timeline. These important milestones can strengthen your real estate company presentation and ultimately improve your brand image

1999 Ricky Raakstar establishes Raakstar Real Estate Corporation RREC in Aurora Colorado

2003 RREC reaches a market value of 3 million

2007 RREC is cited by Forbes as one of the top real estate companies in the Far West

2012 RREC acquires The Incredible Real Estate Holding Company and its subsidiaries

2014 RREC expands to Europe and Southeast Asia

2017 RREC completes more than 12 700 individual projects worldwide


Numerous studies have shown that there is a growing residential demand in urban areas around the globe This is partly due to the rise of the millennial generation a group of young people who are eager to save for their future homes Another factor that has caused the sudden demand for real estate properties is heavy and unforeseen traffic which compels people to live near their workplaces in centralized hubs The scarcity of land in urban areas is not seen as a problem by real estate agencies since the demand for mid rise and high rise buildings like residential condominiums apartments and townhouses is still high It s important to discuss business opportunities in your commercial real estate presentation template because this section can give your potential clients a guarantee that your business is future proof

The Problem

Many home seekers need assistance in finding a place to settle in Even property owners often encounter problems in finding business prospects They either don t have the crucial tools or they lack the necessary skills to achieve their goals Sometimes they simply don t have the time The search for the perfect property can really be a challenge since there are many factors to take into consideration A business exists to solve a problem Without a problem to solve there s no product or service to offer nor a customer to satisfy Your real estate sales presentation should explore the different problems that your business aims to solve

Our Solution

If you re looking for a house to sell buy or rent RREC is your go to company We can help you find the right place that meets your unique rental property needs We ll provide you with valuable insights about which real estate listing would best suit your needs and preferences and we can help you sort through the many decisions to consider such as location amenities availability requirements and so on You can leave everything to us Problems and solutions go hand in hand The Solution slide for your real estate marketing presentation should immediately follow your Problem slide

The Results

Customer Satisfaction Increase in Efficiency Increase in Revenue Improvement in Employee Performance Decrease in Bounce Rate Increase in Customer Retention We saw a general improvement in both our and the clients end as a result of the solutions we implemented One of your potential clients top concerns is how effective your proposed solution is That s why it s also important to include real time results in your real estate investment presentation


Closing the Deal Negotiating Finding the Right Realtor Company Choosing a Property Financing Making an Offer

If there s a part in your commercial listing presentation that is best explained visually don t hesitate to use visual aids like diagrams charts or whatever you need The Real Estate Buying Process

Our Reach

How wide is your market reach and how diversified is your customer demographic If possible include these in your real estate development presentation United States Italy Brunei Indonesia Singapore France Belgium Bulgarian Luxembourg Countries highlighted on the map

Local Market

Data The Association of Real Estate License Law Officials ARELLO estimates that there are about 2 million active real estate licenses in the United States The Federal Reserve s Survey of Consumer Finances found that 65 2 of families in 2013 owned their primary residence Around 65 of realtors are licensed as sales agents 22 hold broker licenses and 15 hold broker associate licenses According to the 2012 Economic Census there are 86 004 real estate brokerage firms operating in the United States According to the National Association of Realtors over 5 25 million existing homes were sold in 2015 The 2013 American Housing Survey found that there are approximately 115 million occupied housing units in the United States What are the current trends in your industry It s important to mention facts and figures in your commercial real estate listing presentation to assure your potential clients that your business is grounded in reality

Case Study

We partnered with the International Development Corporation IDC to complete a global project they re working on Problem IDC needed to identify 100 properties worldwide that they can use for their global project Solution RREC deployed 200 employees to work on the project and ensure that the right tools and services are used The team found over 200 real estate listings and properties for IDC to evaluate based on their own terms Result After implementing our unique solutions IDC saw an increase in revenue and customer acquisition Another indispensable part of your property investment presentation is the case study

About the Agent Spearheaded the IDC project Top Producer Real Estate Agent Nikki Gall Licensed realtor since 2004 Joined the International Council of Realtors in 2007 2015 Realtor of the Year candidate for Illinois Closed more than 150 deals worldwide Do you have a top agent who has done something worthwhile for the company Allot a section for him or her in your real estate fund presentation

SWOT Analysis

New technologies can result to opportunities for development Opportunity Lack of market presence in other parts of the world Weakness Market adaptability Strength Threat Market saturation It s always best to tell your potential clients outright where your business is lacking so they won t feel deceived when your proposed solution falls short of their expectations Include a SWOT analysis in your listing presentation template to maximize transparency and trust

House Listing This lovely home offers four bedrooms four bathrooms a garage a living room with vaulted ceilings a gas fireplace and hardwood floors The kitchen has slab granite countertops and a large island with four seats The master bedroom has a decorative archway leading into a walk in closet and a private bath The front lawn is professionally landscaped and the fully fenced backyard has a small patio where you can enjoy beautiful sunsets Here s a sample real estate listing presentation 2129 Maroon Boulevard Colorado Springs CO 80920 For sale at 385 000

Home Gallery

A picture is worth a thousand words Make sure your commercial real estate presentation also includes relevant pictures that can entice potential clients and give them an idea as to how the home buying process works

Our Team

Founder and CEO Ricky Raakstar sets the company s overall strategic direction monitor s the company s performance establishes long term plans and objectives Vice President of Sales and Marketing Peppa Lynch directs company sales and marketing functions evaluates the effectiveness of sales methods and costs Vice President of Research and Planning Merlin Carlyle contributes in the identification of risks and opportunities sets standards and expectations for research success A behind the scenes look into your company will give your real estate listing presentation template a more genuine and personal feel Make sure to include the key people that make up your team


RREC greatly helped us with the global project we were working on Their competent set of skills and experiences were exactly what we needed We couldn t have found a better real estate company to see the project through the end Jack Warren Head of Outreach ITC Diana Grute Home Seeker I had a rigid set of criteria for choosing the perfect place to settle in RREC made sure that every box is ticked before presenting me with options Their awesome team made sure that I found the perfect home If you can get testimonials from satisfied clients that would really boost your realtor listing presentation There s a major difference between a brand blowing its own trumpet and a customer vouching for the brand

Contact Us

Website www raakstarrealestate com Phone 303 555 0470 Email customercare raakstarrealestate com Address 1290 Random Ridge Aurora Colorado 80176 Don t forget to add your contact information near the end of your real estate investor presentation so that potential clients can reach you when they re ready to do business

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