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Cando Academy A Global Classroom for Everyone A PowerPoint Presentation for Education

A comprehensive education PPT template typically has three to six agenda topics Here are some examples Have an in depth look into the new educational processes we offer Understand what differentiates us from standard educational institutions Learn how we can leave a mark in the field and ultimately change the status quo Meet the awesome team that makes our vision of a better future possible Agenda

It s important to state outright what your institution is about Your About Us page should be found within the first five slides of your university PowerPoint presentation Cando Academwmy is a personalized learning institution that aims to help students all over the globe to master educational content at their own pace At our core sits an adaptive technology which records and analyzes students learning habits capacities and progress to create a personal learning database that adapts to each student s needs and circumstances Our physical location is in Pensacola Florida although we are essentially a global classroom with students in every corner of the world Who We Are

We envision a world where learning takes place wherever a curious mind is Education shouldn t be bound by the four walls of a classroom Instead it should be a free and universal experience that everyone can afford Our Vision What does your institution stand for What are your ideals and goals Flesh them out in your university PowerPoint templates

What does your institution aim to accomplish Define and explain your mission statement in your university PPT presentation We aim to empower students from all over the world who may be incapable of attending a physical classroom Our ultimate goal is to inspire students to learn regardless of their economic status age or location Our Mission

What are the roles and responsibilities that your institution plays in the greater scheme of things Outline your core functions in your free education PowerPoint templates We use an adaptive technology to identify our students strengths and learning gaps so that we can provide them with the materials they need to learn at their own pace We also provide our teachers and coaches with the necessary resources they need to facilitate learning We provide all our students with their own personalized learning dashboard that is specifically designed to cater to their needs Core Functions

Process Overview We use an adaptive technology to identify our students strengths and learning gaps so that we can provide them with the materials they need to learn at their own pace We also provide our teachers and coaches with the necessary resources they need to facilitate learning We provide all our students with their own personalized learning dashboard that is specifically designed to cater to their needs Include a brief but substantial overview about your institution in your PowerPoint templates for educational presentation to give your audience an idea of how you work

Add some snippets about your institution s history and background in your presentation storyboard template The story of Cando Academy started way before it was established It all began when nine year old Bret Ripley stopped going to school because his parents could no longer afford to pay for tuition He was a promising student the class valedictorian Lack of money may have impeded him from going to school but it didn t stop him from learning He traded what little toys he had for books He also sold other things to buy resources for his education Decades later when Ripley found success in his business he set out to establish an academy with the goal of turning it into a global classroom History

Timeline Ideally you should have four to six milestones in your timeline These milestones can validate your free PowerPoint education templates and make your institution look more experienced and professional Bret Ripley gave a talk about Cando Academy in the TED stage Cando Academy became a world class team of over 350 000 remote coaches and students Cando Academy reached students in Turkey India and South Africa Bret Ripley founded Cando Academy in Pensacola Florida Bret Ripley was given the Most Inspiring Person in Education award by Teachers International 2016 2017 2015 2014 2012

It s important to discuss existing and potential opportunities in your free PowerPoint templates for education because this section can give your target market a guarantee that your institution is future proof More people are seeing the loopholes in the current educational system Many are looking for alternative methods and novel ways to teach and learn This is where Cando Academy comes in We can all agree that the world is geared towards personalization where everything is customized according to individual tastes preferences and needs Cando Academy appeals to coaches and pupils alike because it makes room for personalization without sacrificing efficiency Opportunities

Our Classroom Our global classroom is one where learning takes place outside the four walls of a building Since you re an educational institution it s imperative that you show your audience what kind of classroom you ll be creating Make this part of your education PowerPoint presentation slides as appealing as possible

Provide a snapshot of a course you re going to offer This will render your environmental education PPT presentation more substantial and legitimate Course Example Math Science Art History Technology Divergence in two dimensions Antiparallel structure of DNA strands High Renaissance in Florence and Rome Making webpages interactive through HTML

Diagram Education should be inclusive If there s a part of your free physical education PowerPoint templates that is best explained visually don t hesitate to use visual aids like diagrams charts or whatever you need Skills Effort Persistence Aptitude Motivation Passion

This part of your PowerPoint educational presentations should leave no room for doubt that you have the perfect solution to your target market s problems Case Study Problem Solution Result The student was an orphan living in the ravaged streets of Afghanistan Because he had next to nothing he couldn t afford to go to school Cando Academy brought the school to the student with the help of technology Through the small town teacher we were able to provide the student with the resources he needed to continue his education It had been eight years since the student used Cando Academy Now he is an accountant in a reputable company in Kabul

SWOT Analysis The SWOT analysis in education PPT can maximize transparency and trust between you and your target market Strength Weakness Opportunity Threats Outstanding quality of education that competes with global standards Shortage of volunteers for both the physical school and remote locations Emerging during a time when personalization is becoming the norm Conventional methods of teaching and learning are still more common S W O T

A behind the scenes look will give your education PPT slides a more genuine and personal feel Make sure to include the key people that make up your team Meet Our Educators Bret Ripley sets the vision and overall direction of the institution Founder and CEO Shayna Storm directs and coordinates company sales and marketing functions Chief Marketing Officer Kairi Owens regulates how users interact with the website elements Chief Product Officer Rhea Sane manages the institution s databases and developer tools Dean of Infrastructure

Testimonials Testimonials from people you ve helped and inspired can really boost your free PowerPoint templates education theme Corey Otunga Abby Gabert I greatly appreciate your educational materials My students have seen considerable progress since I employed your methods Keep doing what you re doing because it s effective Cando Academy has inspired me to become a better mentor to my students I was beginning to lose hope in the conventional education system when I stumbled upon your novel methods Now my faith in the future of education is restored

Add your contact information near the end of your presentation on education PPT to give potential clients a way to reach you Contact Us Address Website Phone Email 92840 Yellow Ridge Pensacola Florida 14275 www candoacademy com 673 890 8800 inquiries candoacademy com

Thank You Always thank the audience for lending you their time This part should be found in the last slide of your free education PowerPoint templates for teachers

Icon Set Here are some examples of icons that you can use in your education presentation PPT template

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