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2019 Fitness PowerPoint Templates


Have an in depth look into the health and fitness landscape

Here are some examples

  • Understand what differentiates us from competitors
  • Learn exactly what we can do for you
  • Meet the awesome team behind our accomplishments
  • A comprehensive fitness presentation template typically has three to six agenda topics

Who We Are

Include a brief but substantial company overview in your gym presentation slides to give your audience an idea of what your company is about

Sardonyx Fitness Club is a renowned company in the health and fitness industry We are committed to maintaining a diverse portfolio so that we can entertain all types of customers with unique needs We can provide you with the right tools and services to help you improve your individual situations

What We Do

What exactly are the functions that your company performs detail them in your free fitness PowerPoint templates

Sardonyx Fitness Club provides breakthrough products and technologies to make the health and fitness industry better Our professional staff is trained to provide world class services to all types of customers We uphold the integrity and quality of our work so you can expect only the best from us

Vision and Mission

What does your company stand for

What are your business ideals and goals

Flesh them out in your free health and wellness PowerPoint templates

Sardonyx Fitness Club envisions a world where the health and fitness industry takes full advantage of the opportunities offered by technology In that world fitness employees address a broad range of human needs and deal with industry problems holistically

Company History

Add some snippets about your company s history and background in your gym PPT

Sardonyx Fitness Club has accumulated many honors throughout its history From a small office in Pensacola Florida we are now a nationally acclaimed company throughout the States After six years of service we are still happily serving the community and leaving our mark in the industry 6


Ideally you should have four to six milestones in your timeline These milestones can validate your gym PPT presentation and make your company look more experienced and professional


2017 Sardonyx Fitness Club was founded

2018 Sardonyx Fitness Club received funding from major investors

2019 Sardonyx Fitness Club started on long term projects

2020 Sardonyx Fitness Club implemented improvements in its processes

2021 Sardonyx Fitness Club made the Forbes 500 list

2022 Sardonyx Fitness Club was awarded The Best Fitness Club in Florida

Our Products

A fitness PowerPoint presentation isn’t complete without the Products page

This slide gives you an opportunity to showcase the business solutions that you can offer

Our products are guaranteed to help you with your problems If they don t improve your processes we won t charge you anything That s how confident we are in the quality excellence and caliber of the products we offer

Our Facilities

For a comprehensive health and fitness presentation include some pertinent information about your facilities

Fitness Infographic

Don’t hesitate to use visual aids like diagrams charts infographics and the like in your fitness PPT

They not only make your presentation more appealing but also keep your audience attentive

  • Believe in yourself
  • Make excuses TO workout
  • Respect your body
  • Never give up
  • Track your progress


It’s important to discuss business opportunities in your free health and wellness PowerPoint presentations because this section can give your potential clients a guarantee that your business is future proof

Numerous studies have shown that there is a growing demand in the fitness industry Thanks to companies like Sardonyx Fitness Club more businesses are seeing an improvement in their processes As long as industrial trends remain positive the future of the fitness industry will be geared towards a path where businesses can thrive and succeed

The Problem

Discuss in your health and fitness PowerPoint presentation the different problems you aim to solve

Sheafe Inc needed us to help them address the issues they were facing

Our Solution

The Solution slide for your health and fitness presentation should ideally follow your Problem slide

Make sure your proposed solutions are feasible and effective

We offered them our products and services hoping that they were enough to solve the problem 13

The Results

Your potential clients would want to know how effective your proposed solutions are

That’s why it’s important to include real time results in your health and wellness presentation

As a result of the solutions we offered Sheafe Inc saw an improvement in their business processes and functions

SWOT Analysis

This part of your health and wellness presentation PowerPoint can maximize transparency and trust between you and your target market

Strength  Solid understanding of the health and fitness landscape

Weakness Lack of market presence in other parts of the world

Opportunity Market saturation in the health and fitness industry

Threat Lack of market presence in other parts of the world

Our Instructors

A peek into your company will give your health wellness PowerPoint presentation a more genuine feel Make sure to include the thought leaders in your team

Head Instructor Brie Daniels

Instructor Dolph Zinders

Founder and CEO Cesaro Swiss

Senior Coach Shinsuke Itami

Executive Coach Tonia Ripley

Coach Shayna Laith


Sardonyx Fitness Club greatly helped us with the event we were working on Their competent set of skills and experiences were exactly what we needed

Jack Warren CEO of Tomorrowland

If you can get testimonials from satisfied clients that would really boost your free PowerPoint templates health and wellness There s a major difference between a brand blowing its own trumpet and a customer vouching for the brand I had a rigid set of criteria for choosing the perfect company to work with Sardonyx Fitness Club made sure that every box is ticked before presenting me with options Their awesome team made sure that I found the perfect solution to my problem

Diana Grute CEO of Hello Dolly

Contact Us

Add your contact information near the end of your physical fitness PowerPoint templates free to give potential clients a way to reach you


92840 Yellow Ridge Pensacola Florida 14275 www Sardonyxfitnessclub com 673 890 8800 inquiries Sardonyxfitnessclub com

Thank You

Always thank the audience for lending you their time This part should be found in the last slide of your gym PPT templates free download

Icon Set

Here are some examples of icons that you can use in your gym PPT presentation

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