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As a Marketing Tool A Social Media Presentation

Agenda Let this slide in your social media PowerPoint template introduce the points you re going to cover Gauge Peysbuk as an online social site and marketing tool for all types of users at all ages Find out the best method in utilizing Peysbuk as a marketing tool Determine and specify the target market that Peysbuk is most popular in Create a brand identity and positive brand association

Who We Are A short description of your company and what you do is a must for every social media PowerPoint presentation template Committed to serve our clients and society in general and to improve the industry with innovations breakthroughs and general awareness Peysbuk is one of the most engaged social media platform in the modern world With lessons learned from the best names in the field we make sure we only provide the best service to clients

Our Website Since you re pitching about an app in your multimedia ppt presentation you can state the technical aspects of this social platform Peysbuk uses an over all pink interface which depicts Summerberg s advocacy for women in 2003 It has three main tabs which the user can navigate on Facebook is developed as one massive application According to Chuck Rossi a web developer in Peysbuk the app compiles 1 8 GB binary blob which is then distributed to the servers using a custom computer release system

This slide depicts your company identity or the totality of a social media PowerPoint presentation Peysbuk is an online platform mainly used for social networking services and online communication This app may be accessed in all forms of medium like laptops desktops tablets and computers After signing up on the site users can create an online user profile with their name occupation and some other basic info about one s self Users can also exchange messages via chat messenger post digital photos and go live in line with Peybuk s features About Peysbuk

Our Reach A worldwide business will have offices around the world Highlight those countries in this part of your media PowerPoint templates free Canada The Czech Republic Denmark France China

Opportunities Discuss business opportunities in your social media PowerPoint template free to give potential clients a guarantee of your business s tenacity Studies have shown that there is a growing rate of social media users all over the world As long as the industrial trends remain positive the future of social media marketing will be geared towards a path where businesses can thrive and succeed

The Problem Discuss in your social media presentation template the different problems you aim to solve Company ASD needed our marketing expertise to increase their website traffic We sleuthed all the possible elements of improvement in terms of their marketing strategy versus the current tactics of their competitors in their area

Our Solution The Solution slide for your social media marketing PowerPoint template should ideally follow your Problem slide Make sure your proposed solutions are feasible and effective We presented Company ASD all the complementary aspects they needed to heighten their website traffic and collate more leads in the future We ve gathered all the useful data facts and marketing aspects that will them boost their social media marketing through Peysbuk

The Results Your potential clients would want to know how effective your proposed solutions are That s why it s important to include real time results in your social media presentation PowerPoint As a result of the solutions we offered Company ASD saw an improvement in their business processes and functions through the social media marketing solutions we made Organic website visits Increase in website traffic Increase in Revenue Website Visitors turned to customers 68 51 32 46 28 50 Decrease in Bounce Rate Improvement in Local Market Data Sales Increase in Customer Retention

Diagram If there s a part in your free social media PowerPoint template that is best explained visually don t hesitate to use visual aids like diagrams charts and infographics among others A significant 68 of marketers surveyed analyze their social media activities Agree Strongly Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree Uncertain 18 45 12 23 2 In analyzing social media we aimed to understand the marketers ability to analyze social activities so we asked them to rate their agreement with the following statement I regularly go through my social activities

Your potential clients would want to know how much money they d have to shell out to afford your products and services Specify your room rates in your hotel PowerPoint template free download Case Study Aventon Cornerstone consulted Peysbuk to increase the organic conversion of their website turning visitors into customers Problem Peysbuk used a social media tool that tracks all the incoming web traffic in the site We also consulted our web designers to see if we can recreate some features in their website Solution As a result of the marketing strategy we offered Aventon Cornerstone had an average of 20 organic conversion within just a span of three months Result

Our Team Your team of experts is a major reason you re doing well in the industry Introduce them and give them due recognition at the same time in this part of your social media PowerPoint presentation template Chief Executive Officer Pluto Mars Chief Financial Officer Venus Zachheus Chief Information Officer Kirsten Dunk

Timeline Ideally you should have four to six milestones in your timeline These milestones can validate your hotel PowerPoint template and make your company look more experienced and professional Peysbuk was founded by Jake Summerberg 2003 2004 2005 2006 Pendester s market was gradually declining Peysbuk rose to the top Peysbuk received funding from major investors and was built up by web engineers Peysbuk became one of the most utilized social media app in the world 2007 We performed well enough to make the online community recognize our efforts

Take a break As with life you can also take a break in your presentation For either suspense or as an ender divider slides are welcome in a free multimedia presentation Peysbuk as a Marketing Tool

SWOT Analysis Analyzing your key strengths and biggest weaknesses lays a foundation for how you can address both Include a SWOT analysis slide in your multimedia ppt presentation S Peysbuk provides worldwide independent services that make a difference in people s lives O Expansion of growing markets drawn by technological advances especially in social media marketing Increased cases of cybercrimes in US because of vile Peysbuk engagements Emerging social media trends and other innovations from competitors W T STRENGTHS OPPORTUNITIES WEAKNESS THREATS

Pricing tiers It would be prudent to include in your multimedia PowerPoint templates a slide dedicated to how you price your services Peysbuk Followerwink Premium Tool 500 month Spyfee Peysbuk 250 month Followerwink Basic 100 month

Icon Set Here are some examples of icons that you can use in your life insurance presentation slides Peysbuk Logo Friends Photos Timeline and Tagging

Contact Us Add your contact information near the end of your hotel PowerPoint presentation to give potential clients a way to reach you For inquiries send us an email at mailto SMMGurus peysbuk com or call us at

Thank You Always thank the audience for lending you their time This part should be found in the last slide of your social media PowerPoint template

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