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Transportation Engineering Premium PowerPoint Template

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Cartridge The Future of 3D Car Printing Technology

A Transportation PPT Template About 3D Printing in the Automotive Industry


A comprehensive transportation logistics PPT can have up to six agenda topics. Here are some examples:

Gain thorough knowledge of 3D printing technologies:

Learn the global benefits of investing in Cartridge 3D printed cars

Understand how 3D car printing is different from other emerging technologies.

Meet the awesome team behind Cartridge s innovative solutions.

Who We Are

Before you present any other information it s important to tell your audience outright what your company is about and what you aim to achieve with your PPT transport.

Driven by the need to push the barriers of automotive technology and create better vehicles that benefit both the industrial and environmental sectors Cesaro Swiss created Cartridge Inc a 3D car printer provider that takes an innovative approach in car manufacturing.

Five years after its conception Cartridge remains consistent in improving and modifying its systems and processes to produce the best product possible every single time We make sure that we offer only cutting edge solutions that can revolutionize how cars are made used and in our special case dismantled reassembled and reused

Mission and Vision

What does your company stand for What are your business ideals and goals.

Flesh them out in your PowerPoint templates transportation.

Cartridge Inc envisions a world where 3D printed cars are commonplace In that world not only do we save an enormous amount of resources but also reduce our ecological footprint and help preserve the environment. We strive to develop a sustainable path forward with the products we create. By applying 3D printing to the automotive industry we make it even stronger and more indispensable In time the world will unlock the full potential of 3D printing and apply it across all industries. By using 3D car printing as a disruptor we hope to make it a norm

Timeline Cartridge expands to Japan South Korea and New Zealand

Cesaro Swiss establishes Cartridge Inc in Chicago Illinois Brie Daniels one of Forbes Top 10 Women in Technology becomes president and COO Cartridge expands to England Germany and Sweden 2012, 2014, 2015, 2017

Products and Services

A transportation PPT template isn t complete without the Products and Services page. This slide gives you an opportunity to showcase the business solutions that you can offer. The Stampede 3Dx is Cartridge s flagship product It s a high speed 3D car printer that can print 90 of all the parts and components of a typical automobile Cars printed using this high tech printer are 90 lighter than traditional vehicles Just because a car is 3D printed doesn t mean it s less durable or less efficient No compromises in features or functionalities were made in making the product lighter and environment friendly The greatest appeal of 3D car printing is that it takes less time to manufacture and uses less raw materials which means that companies can manufacture based on demand Talk about a bespoke car a truly disruptive technology

Business Model

What business model does your business follow. Make sure to clarify this in your transportation logistics. PPT Cartridge Inc is a B2B company that provides 3D car printer solutions to other businesses upon demand and precisely as per requirement. As of now we support only low volume production which means that our inventory management and warehouse space operations are relatively more efficient than traditional methods. Still we have plans to engage in mass prototyping or functional prototyping in the near future since our ultimate goal is to make 3D printing a staple in every household.

Market Data

What are the relevant trends in your industry that potential clients need to know. Add them in your PPT transport to strengthen your case and gain potential customers trust. According to Technologys an online news magazine focusing on technology news the automotive industry s adoption of 3D printing is projected to increase from 320 6 million in 2015 to 986 million in 2020. The 3D printing industry is expected to grow by more than 39 per year between 2015 and 2022 generating over 32 billion in worldwide revenue in the process. The Advanced Technology Group ATG reveals that the three most common reasons companies are pursuing 3D printing are prototyping 28 7 product development 16 7 and innovation 13 9 Apex Technology Research Institute predicts that 3D printing will become 60 cheaper and up to 450 faster in the next seven years.


Make sure to discuss relevant business opportunities in your PowerPoint templates transportation to give your potential clients an idea as to the future of your company. The trend of 3D car printing is relatively new. However there s already a boom in the extent to which this practice is applied. It s apparent that 3D printing is the future. It’s being widely used in different industries including architecture consumer goods dental medical consumer electronics aerospace and of course automotive technology. There s a huge demand in the automotive market to educate businesses about new ways of manufacturing and designing optimized parts. This is where Cartridge Inc becomes relevant.

The Problem

Your land use and transportation planning PPT should explore the different problems that your business aims to solve The cost of manufacturing a regular car is high Car manufacturers are expected to shell out a considerable amount of money to ideate design manufacture and market a new product It s not always practical to create a product with a lot of extra features that the consumer will not use That s why many businesses are looking for easier more cost effective and generally better ways to manufacture cars

Our Solution

When you state a problem a solution must follow Detail your proposed solutions in your transportation PPT template With Cartridge 3D car printers automobiles can be manufactured in 48 hours or less We make 3D car printing easier more attainable and more environment friendly for car manufacturers From a practical perspective our additive process can help businesses save money as compared to subtractive techniques On top of this our business solution empowers manufacturers to customize their own products so that they can include only the features and functionalities that consumers need

The Results

Are your proposed solutions effective in solving the problem Let your audience know in your transportation logistics PPT Increase in Efficiency

The solutions we implemented caused a general improvement in our clients processes 93 Customer Satisfaction 85 Increase in Customer Retention 32 Increase in Revenue 26 Improvement in Employee Performance 22 Decrease in Bounce Rate 18


Step 1 If you can t explain a process descriptively use visual means like diagrams charts and graphs among others

These elements can not only help in delivering your message but also improve the aesthetic side of your PPT transport Ideation The 3D Car Printing Process

Step 2 Planning

Step 3 Scanning a Model

Step 4 Virtual Design

Step 5 Prototyping

Step 6 Printing

Our Reach

If your customer reach is wide it s best to let your PowerPoint templates transportation manifest it because it can boost both your presentation and your business Countries highlighted on the map United States England Germany Sweden Japan South Korea New Zealand

Case Study

Whether you re making a land use and transportation planning PPT or a business presentation it s best to always include a case study so that your audience will know just how effective and legitimate your business solutions are Problem One Box Four Circles needed a new car model that neither skimps on the features nor delivers anything extra that consumers may not need Their ultimate objective is to create innovative products cars and car parts that are efficient cost effective and environment friendly Solution Cartridge Inc and One Box Four Circles share the same vision so they didn t find any problem in implementing our solution The Stampede 3Dx our flagship product was exactly what they needed to address their problem Result One Box Four Circles was happy with the solution we were able to provide They saw a positive trend in their data They especially found a significant increase in the efficiency of their new business process

SWOT Analysis

Don t forget to add a SWOT analysis in your ppt transport.


Rapid Prototyping Car manufacturers can quickly turn concepts into 3D models allowing them to make rapid changes in the design as well.


Lack of Market Presence. The company is yet to reach some parts of the world that need this same technological solution.


Potential for Growth As a technological trend that is continually progressing 3D printing presents numerous opportunities for growth and expansion


Risk of Obsoletion. Because of how fast technology moves there s a risk of 3D printing becoming obsolete even before it completely breaks through

Our Team

A peek into your company will give your PowerPoint templates transportation a more genuine feel. Make sure to include the thought leaders in your team.

Cesaro Swiss, Founder and CEO

Establishes long term plans and objectives. Sets the company s overall strategic direction.

Brie Daniels,  President and COO

Oversees day to day business operations. Monitors the company’s overall performance.

Shinsuke Itami, Vice President of Research and Planning

Sets standards and expectations for research success. Contributes in the identification of risks and opportunities.

Dolph Zinders Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Spearheads the development of new project proposals. Directs and coordinates company sales and marketing functions .


Testimonials from real happy customers will give your transportation PPT template a boost.  There s a difference between boasting your own accomplishments and letting others do it for you.

Renee Ambrose

Cartridge is a breath of fresh air as far as the automotive sector of industrial technology is concerned Less than a decade ago fully functional and highly efficient 3D car printers were only a dream Cartridge was one of the pioneers that made it happen

Alexa Strowman founder of Car Chintz

Cartridge is ambitious innovative and idealistic everything the world needs to disrupt the status quo They made such a wonderful contribution to the automotive industry that will surely make Chuck Hull and Karl Benz proud founder of One Box Four Circles

Contact Us

Always add your contact information near the end of your transportation logistics PPT so that potential clients will have a way of getting in touch with you when they re ready to make a purchase 4376 Moon Route Chicago Illinois 24851 www cartridge3d com 398 847 9384 customercare cartridge3d com

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