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Trucking Company Premium PowerPoint Template

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Truck Company Operations PowerPoint Template

Presenter s Name

Four Point Agenda

Show data about trucking industry Provide facts and figures about B2B and delivery terms Introduce new line of trucks

Provide opportunities and ask suggestions for further improvement of freight forwarding Any transportation ppt template should have at least 3 and up to 6 points for discussion

Who We Are

We are one of the leading companies specializing in truck transportation services and road cargo transportation With the best truckers in the business you don t have to worry about your delivery We re the kings of the road Any truck company operations PowerPoint template should show what a company can say about itself Don t skimp on the important details

Company History

Sibling founders Raine and Genis Sage first started out as transporters of ore to plants just outside their hometown with childhood friend Lloyd Irving taking the wheel After an accident left a shipment scattered on the road the Sages soon designed their own enclosed trucks After Regal Bryant long time friend and entrepreneur financed the manufacture of the first truck business started picking up And the rest as they say was history Your company story should give details on how your enterprise survived Always include one in your truck company operations PowerPoint


The slide can show 4 6 significant dates

2004 Company was founded with Raine and Genis Sage as lead and associate researchers respectively

2005 With the prototype and eventual manufacture financed by Regal Bryant the first truck of the company hit the streets

2008 R & D was picking up and soon reached its peak Half a dozen more trucks were put on the streets

2010 Awarded as 1 company in cargo transport A truck driver safety training ppt should also have a timeline of the company

2019 Awarded as 1 company in cargo transport for 10 years in a row

Our Fleet

A truck ppt showing off your vast fleet of trucks is your best badge of clients confidence in your service Now boasting more than a dozen trucks for every scenario Symphony Inc has steadily become the primary means of cargo transport

Local Reach

Show the different states you operate in like any good transportation logistics ppt










Apart from the many jobs that have been opened roads have become safer faster and better as a whole With transport times shortened to almost half of the original and in great shape products reach their destinations hassle free A company with good credentials offers many opportunities to people and to themselves A slide that details these opportunities is good for your transportation logistics ppt

The Problem

Safety is our top priority Even with the latest technology and innovation the forces of nature are still unpredictable formidable and dangerous making driving across states still an exercise of utmost care Problems arise in any industry. Don t be afraid to include one in your transportation logistics ppt.

Our Solution

Apart from different training programs that make our truckers the best of the best we ensure that each of our trucks are top of the line. We outfit our vessels with highly advanced gadgets for weather prediction instantaneous communication and order relay and the best precautionary measures. Of course you can t just leave problems as they are Your business exists to solve it Include a solution slide in your truck driver safety training ppt


Giving the audience the secrets of the process is the best level of transparency any transportation company can achieve almost the same with a transport safety ppt. In this case there s intermodal transport so this slide is also a perfect fit for a truck company operations.

PowerPoint presentation Cargo is loaded into the truck s capsule shell and each package is strapped in complete with containers for all possible sizes Each package is de buckled and loaded off Security personnel make sure that the cargo is locked in place making a final sweep of the packages for any contraband The container is sealed and semi pressurized reducing stress and other outward forces acting on the cargo The drive begins slogging through mountains shallow rivers and other types of terrain The trucks are built for all types of roads Upon arrival at the destination the container is depressurized and opened


100 customer satisfaction

Up to 50 of delivery time slashed off

Up to 20 cheaper

100 delivery rate

With a diagram you can gauge the results of your process how much help it does and how much it brings in In the same logic as a transportation logistics ppt showing the results will be a big plus

Pricing Tier




APPLE TIER and above Packages at least 75 1kgs 10 per extra kilogram Packages up to 75kgs Packages up to 50kgs

A price list is a must for any transportation logistics ppt 200 100 50

SWOT Analysis

Ergonomic and environment friendly design cheap costs


More precautions when it comes to safety better lines options down the road


Slow technological advancement when meeting new and additional safety requirements


Forces of nature acts of god


Any transportation in supply chain management ppt needs to have a SWOT analysis Highlight your strengths and show how you can work on your weaknesses

Even a multimodal transport ppt could make do with a divider Here s one Want an example

Case Study

Presea Combatir another friend of the siblings needed a means to transport tons of lumber Half of the cargo was to be delivered to Regal himself for the construction of his resort hotel and half was being sold to businessman Yuan Ka Fai Problem Take this case study as a classic example of a transport now and then PowerPoint template In it the problem was addressed by the proposal of the solution like what an intermodal transportation ppt must also have Bryant s new hotel opened more than 6 months earlier than estimated The fast transport and construction gave the new chain an unprecedented level of fame in terms of turnaround and opening market prices Result A freight transport company that could handle large shipments of the necessary construction materials in a faster timeframe than expected was needed to solve Presea s cargo transport problem Solution

Venn Diagram

A Venn diagram a simple chart with a complex thought process becomes a must for any company trying to compare themselves with competitors It isn t required in any transportation ppt template but it s still good to have Just be careful not to name names Fast Cheap Environment friendly Local freight companies High class freight companies International freight companies Symphony Inc

Our Team

Co founder lead researcher and holder of 147 different patents Raine Sage Main investor of Symphony Inc Regal Bryant Co founder and associate researcher Genis Sage Head of Corporate Research Sheena Fujibayashi The people behind the service are the most important component in your workforce Your ppt on Intelligent Transport System should recognize them as well Behind the company are the best brains in the science and business industries

Give your audience a way to contact you This slide in your ppt on intelligent transport system is like your digital calling card Curious minds need to have answers We ve got them Got questions about our delivery terms E mail us at admin symphony com Call us at Contact Us

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us Even a transportation ppt for kids should have a thank you slide

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